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M/s JS Gasparts And Services, approved by HPCL, BPCL and IOCL as authentic technical organization for undertaking turnkey projects for commercial, industrial and reticulated LPG/NG pipeline installation. We are committed to our customers to deliver the products and services satisfying stated needs continuously through:  Appropriate Technology  Documented Quality System  Operational Excellence  ISI Standards And Specification Our Products:  Domestic Regulators  Adaptors and Filters  Preset Pressure Regulators  Cylinder Valves  Online Regulators  Slam shut off Valves  Special Purpose regulators  Zero Governors  Gas Meters  Adjustable Regulator  NRV/Flame arrestor  Needle Valve/Line Valve/Ball Valve  Safety relief valves  Laboratory Equipments  Commercial Equipments  Bulk Installations  Gas Burners  Control Valves  Pigtails and Hoses  Brass and SS couplings  Canteen Burners  Infra Red Heaters  Hotel Kitchen Equipments  Heating and cutting torches  Baking Ovens  Industrial Fittings  Industrial Gas system  Manifold systems for all Gases Our Services:  Bulk Installation For LPG: Erection, Maintenance, Testing, Certification and Consultancy for Bulk Installations. Supply Of Equipment Like Unloading Hoses, Safety Valves, Vaporisers, Compressors, Etc. Related To LPG Bullets.  Multi- Cylinder LPG Installation: Setup, Installation, Supply, Testing, Certification And Supply Of VOT & LOT Manifold Systems For LPG, Supply Of Equipment Like Vaporisers, Valves, Gauges, Meters, Gas Trains And Erection Of Pipelines Till The Usage Points.  Piped Natural Gas Installations: Natural Gas Pipeline Erection, Installation and Consulting For Conversion To PNG From Other Fuels.  Industrial LPG Installations: Supply Of Pressure Regulators, Safety Valves, Flame Arrestors, Shut-Off Valve And Specialty Burners For Various Applications Like Die Heating, Powder Coating, Heat Treatment, Preheating, Brazing, Torching, Blanking, Etc.  Gas Flow Meters: All Types Of Totalizing Gas Flow Meters Available For Industrial, Commercial, And Residential Applications With Capacities Ranging From 2.5m3/Hr To 650m3/Hr  System For Industrial Gases: Supply, Erection, Certification Of Pipelines, Manifolds, Vapourisers, Valves And Regulators For All Industrial Gases Like O2, H2, N2, CO2, Ar, He, NH3 etc. Kindly Get In Touch To Enable Us To Support You In Designing And Selecting Appropriate Systems As Par Your Specific Requirements Using Our Sound Technical Knowledge From The Above Mentioned Services.
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